How MAVENSOUK works?
  • 1. Publish your project (it's free)
  • 2. Get offers from Photographers
  • 3. Choose the best professional
  • 4. Confirm and perform the work prior to payment
What is www.MavenSouk.com?

Ans: Started by a team of graduates from IIM, ISB & NIT who has experience of working in leading MNCs and technical organizations. With an ambition of giving something back to the society, they came together and started MavenSouk.

MavenSouk is a platform which connects users with the best photographers across the globe (currently serving only in India). We invite all awesome and professional photographers across globe to get listed on our website and provide their bio-data with specialties, skills and rates. We provide wedding users with an easy platform to sort photographers as per their individual requirements (type of service, location and budget) and also view the rating and reviews for the photographers. Thus MavenSouk connects users and photographers in a simple, hassle free and quick manner.

Do customers/users need to pay if they hire any photographer?

Ans: NO. Users need not to pay a single penny to browse the directory of photographers, post their requirements and getting offers from the photographers. The only prerequisite is an internet connection.

But how shall I use this service?

Ans: We strive to provide you all choices to keep the selection fair, easy and perfect. There is no hidden cost nor any troublesome process to find your perfect photographer.

There are two options available for users:

Option 1: Users themselves select the photographer through the wide range of listing and filtering options available on the website

Option 2: Users post their requirements and we send their queries to our associated photographers. Interested photographer then put forward their bids with availability, quotation and portfolio in couple of hours.

In both cases, users are asked to fill some standard requirements such as:

  • 1. Type of events, dates and places
  • 2. Type of service - Photography, Videography, Printing
  • 3. Price range
  • 4. Print version of photos- Hard copy/ Soft copy
  • 5. Accommodation and travelling of photographer
What type of photographers are available on MavenSouk.com?

Ans: We always try our best to bring reputed and known photographers on our portal so that your memorable event does not get unnoticed. But even then, we request you to keep keen check of portfolio while conducting any monetary transaction to the photographer over internet

Is it really possible that photographer at any corner of India will know about my requirements?

Ans: This is where expertise of MavenSouk.com comes into the picture. Our backend algorithms make sure that every photographer is informed of every event posting on our website and every user/visitor is capable of getting information about their most relevant photographer. So, a person sitting in Jammu can very well connect to the photographer in Kanyakumari and it is true for any Permutation and Combinations of choices.

What are MavenSouk's expectation from its customers?

Ans: MavenSouk just expects that their customers keep their eyes and ears open for all photographers and do make equal participation during and post bidding process so as to reach out the deal finalization process between him/her and photographer.

What is so unique about MavenSouk?

Ans :

  • 1. Experienced team: With every goal there comes sense of responsibility and many obstacles. But overcoming all speed breakers is possible only when your team has good chemistry. We are proud to quote here that we are graduates of IIMs, ISB & NITs with combined work experience of more than 20 years in the field of Technology and Program Management.
  • 2. Vision:To be the largest selection of professional photographers. This is targeted to provide best experience to our customers for hiring a photographer. Our website will be providing friendly, simple yet impressive User Interface to our customers which will help them to get quotes from interested photographers within minutes
  • 3. Absolute Sanity Check:We ourselves were once on the other side of the table, so, we understand the pain of feeling being cheated when the product or service we aspire to get is not up to the mark. Here, each photographer listed on our portal are well researched and is unique in his capability. We do maintain standard hygiene and sanity check before we bring on board any photographer.
  • Why should I upgrade?

    You get more earning opportunities and better savings as a Silver, Gold & Platinum member.. Bid on more projects, add more skills, save on project listing upgrades and unlock special rewards!

    Unsure which plan is best for you?

    Contact us at contact@MavenSouk.com

    Can I change plans?

    Of course! Upgrade your membership plan at any time to get additional benefits immediately. Alternatively, you can downgrade your membership and continue to receive the benefits of your current membership until it expires, before switching to the lower membership tier.

    Can I cancel my membership?

    Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time with no additional charges.

    I have more questions? Who can I talk to ?

    Feel free to contact us anytime at contact@MavenSouk.com and we promise to resolve the query at the earliest

    This FAQ was last modified on 12th March 2017

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