At MavenSouk we try to partner with our customers to create memories for lifetime.

We are an online solution to all your photography needs. Your maven (artist) is just a click away to create awesomeness!

We are committed to bring hundreds of Photographers (currently we have 9,000+ photographers across India) an easy to use, credible platform to spread their business. At the same time, we make sure that you don’t have to run a few miles looking out for a photographer when you need one the most.

Who are we?

The word "Maven" means an artist or someone who's a master in his own job, while "Souk" means market. Yes, you got it right. Here we have created a virtual market that consists of immensely talented and highly qualified photographers.

How does MavenSouk function?

At MavenSouk, we are constantly expanding and enriching our association with both professional photographers and potential clients.

If you're an wedding photographer who's looking to broaden up the horizon of his career, then all you require to do it to sign up with us, and you can have access to thousands of possible customers. We offer you both free plans and subscriptions at very affordable rates. Whenever a client lists his requirement with us, we will notify you through email/SMS/android app about the possible openings. Rush, visit us and bid!

If you're at the receiving side of the business and need a wedding photographer, then simply log on to our site and list down your requirement. You're free to surf through all the profiles of photographers who're listed with us and you can pick any you want!

How are we unique from other organizations?

People generally don’t know much about photographers and their pricing styles. At the same time, photographers are busy in their own creativity and always run short of time.

On behalf of photographers, we understand client’s requirements and provide them personal assistance and based on clients requirements we start hunting for photographers.

Our work style is very different, we are no listing company and every event that comes to us is given equal importance. We believe in treating these event as our own which encourages us to do finest research in finding /providing best available photographers at best price. Also, we don’t rush into multiple events rather we work dedicatedly on single event and then move to the next.

Not only this, to be competitive we provide Clients with best 5-6 quotations which help to decide more easily and confidently.

Why choose us?

Whether you're a photographer or a service consumer, we have sufficient reasons for you why you should choose your service.

If you're a photographer, we offer you:

  1. 1. Opening of a new sales channel and reaching nationwide potential customers
  2. 2. Benefit from MAVENSOUK's investment in technology and innovation
  3. 3. Secure payments
  4. 4. No upfront costs of creating a website
  5. 5. No profile creation fee
  6. 6. Convenient hiring experience for customers
  7. 7. Focus on your core business
  8. 8. Build trust among new customers
  9. 9. No growing pains as you keep doing your routine business and we will bring additional customers to you
  10. 10. Keep customers coming back for more once you have delivered benchmarked service with timely delivery of post service products (CD, albums etc.)
  11. 11. Easy access of your work and service through online presence
  12. 12. Easy communication with far-off customers
  13. 13. Make money, grow fast and delight customers
  14. All you have to do is to
    • Create a Profile
    • Connect to the customers
    • Get hired and show your work
    • Grow exponentially and make money

If you're a client who's looking for our service, then we provide you

  • 1. Ease of access in locating awesome photographers
  • 2. Multiple options of photographers to choose from
  • 3. Best price through bidding
  • 4. Reliable and nationwide renowned photographers
  • 5. Transparency in hiring and payment process
  • 6. Highly qualified professionals.
  • 7. Completely book hassle free Photographer remotely.
  • 8. Evaluate proposals from various professionals.
  • 9. MavenSouk assists you throughout the process.
  • 10. Pay only if you are satisfied with the result.
  • 11. Get inspired
  • 12. Save time and money
  • 13. Idea, reviews and latest trend info

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